Welcome to Lightwood Issue #10, Summer 2022.

Good morning, evening or afternoon, and welcome to the 2022 Summer Issue #10 of Lightwood magazine at Lightwoodpress.com. While we still face the worldwide problems that surround us, we at Lightwood hope that you’ll find safe harbor with us. This issue features poetry by Timothy Brennan, Kayla Cappe, Susan Chute, J.K. Durick, Kim Ellis (with artwork), Diamonique Gurny, Robyn Hager, Sage Higgins, Ken Holland, Stephanie Kendrick, Raphael Kosek, Ann Lauinger, Yacine Ndaw,  and Stephanie JT Russell; article by and Susan Chute and Laurence Carr;  book reviews by Robyn Hager, Ken Holland and Mike Jurkovic;  music concert review by Laurence Carr; memoir by Brian McFadden; and another installment of our “Artists in Space” series, this month: the working spaces and tools of the major figures of The Hudson River School of painting, Thomas Cole and Frederic E. Church.

You can access all the issues of Lightwood by clicking on our “back catalogue” link and also “search” for a specific author or artist to catch up on what you may have missed. Our donation button is also available should you want to contribute to help bring the best of international writing, reviews, and artwork to you. And please help spread the word about Lightwood and consider submitting your words and art to us. 


Stay well and help bring kindness and understanding to one another across our world. 

Laurence Carr, Publisher

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