Lightwood is an online magazine exploring life and the arts in the 21st century and is a part of Lightwood Press, publishing both print and electronic works. On its pages readers will find literature in all forms, articles, essays, and current reviews along with artwork and profiles of our contributors. We will be publishing new writers and artists along with well-established ones. The magazine will be published quarterly, but new pieces will be posted throughout that quarter, so please visit often to view new work. Older pieces can be found by searching our archives: please scoll down in a specific category. Lightwood will have a regional, national and international focus, with our goal of publishing a wide array of subject matter from across our world.

We encourage you to contact us with your comments, and submission ideas. Donations for the running of the magazine’s operations are always accepted with our thanks. To send a donation, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Lightwood Productions will offer a reading series that will present poetry, prose and theatre pieces, both streaming and at a variety of venues.

Lightwood Salon will bring together an eclectic group of artists and writers in conversation with each other and with our audiences. 

Laurence Carr, Publisher and Managing Editor

Donna Davies, Digital Media Manager

Power Boothe, Arts Consultant and Curator

Elizabeth Dee, Founding Associate Editor

Amber Mason, Founding Associate Editor

Robynne Yokota, Founding Associate Editor

Gary Carr, Editorial Consultant

Christopher Mendez, Editorial Consultant