June Rain/ poem by Raphael Kosek

The rain fell
	       and a bird fell
and the world grew
	lighter, more
The rain fell 
	and sparrows 
		dropped down 
from feeder to ground.  Yes 
	      I indulge them even
in summer—the doves
            heavy with themselves, 
ground feeders, but one 
             flies up to the perch,
attempts to land, gives up
               and lights back down 
to pick up seeds
             that fall.  
                           You say 
a waste, expensive to feed, 
	     no need when bugs, berries 
              But my heart needs
such inconsequential

The rain falls 
	    and leaves droop 
with the gathering wash 
              of June becoming
		           more itself
deeper and greener and I 
	      can’t stop falling
		           into it.


The poem, “June Rain” is included in Raphael Kosek’s chapbook, Harmless Encounters, winner of The Comstock Review 2021 Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Contest. A review of the book by Ken Holland can be read here on Lightwood under Reviews/Books. Two additional poems by Raphael Kosek are published here in Lightwood: “The Fox,” (Issue #8), and “The Way West” (Issue #1).


Raphael Kosek’s poems and nonfiction have appeared in Poetry East, Catamaran, and many other journals.  Her chapbook, Rough Grace, won the 2014 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Prize. She won the 2019 Bacopa Literary Review’s poetry contest and Eastern Iowa Review’s 2016 nonfiction prize.  American Mythologywas recently released from Brick Road Poetry Press. She teaches English at Marist College where her students keep her real. She is the 2019-2020 Dutchess County Poet Laureate.

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