Artists In Space

Art Space/Studio Views

Lightwood will be presenting an ongoing series of artists’ studios and writers’ spaces. But not their finished works or works in progress or even the artists themselves. What we’ll show is what we call “the mess.” The implements, the tools, and the spaces where the art is created. Each artist creates a private space, unique unto them. With their permission, we’ve entered their inner sanctums to explore their private creative world. The place where art begins, where hand and heart, ideas and passion collide. The place these artists call home. Please visit their sites and support your local artists, wherever you live.

A quote from Marcel Proust:

“I had arrived then at the conclusion that in fashioning a work of art we are by no means free, that we do not choose how we shall make it but that it pre-exists us and therefore we are obliged, since it is both necessary and hidden, to do what we should have to do if it were a law of nature, that is to say, to discover it.”

from the volume, Time Regained, from In Search of Lost Time, translated from the French by Andreas Mayor.

Marie Cole creates paintings, monotypes and works on paper. She lives n Germantown, NY.

Grace Gunning works in metal arts creating reliquary boxes and jewelry. She lives in Germantown, NY.

Gregory Abels is a writer and long time theatre director in the U.S. and Europe. HIs poetry volumes include Never Something Else (Seven Meadows Press, NY) and Where to Begin (LightwoodPress, NY). His poems and reviews can be read here in Lightwood magazine.

Power Boothe creates paintings and works on paper. He lives in Harwinton, CT.

He is also a Professor of Painting at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

Melanie Mintz creates paintings and works on paper. She lives in Germantown, NY.

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