Brain Freeze/ poem by Yacine Ndaw

Licking loneliness from a wafer cone
Spitting sprinkles onto sidewalks
I am careful not to step on cracks that will break my mother’s back.

I tiptoe between
Scanning the pavement for my future¬–
following the breadcrumbs to

In the concrete I find no rose to pluck,
Only boredom that sticks like gum.

Digging for meaning in the dried-up dirt,
I paint my toenails with crud.
Beneath a peacock meowing in the tree,
I plunge down into earth. 

Challenging breath until the sunsets
I travel beneath the surface.


Yacine Ndaw is a multidisciplinary artist and children's media producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Their work expands across mediums– intersecting their Turkish-Senegalese-Muslim-American identity through writing, filmmaking, jewelry design, and performance. 

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