I Am Only an Aimless Soul/ poem by Diamonique Gurny

winding roads
at night
driving wide-eyed with wonder
the old composition notebook lies bloated
and dog-eared as it slides across the floor of the Suburban 

too full of dreams 

I’ve grown fond of eating breakfast
in forsaken diners at 4am
before the world wakes up and scares away the monsters 

in a world that slumbers
the Wanderers find their way in the dark guided by the light of the moon,
the cursed brood of the kingdom of Dawn 

Diamonique Gurny is an independent filmmaker by trade and poet at heart. SUNY New Paltz graduate and former editor of America’s oldest weekly newspaper, she now works full-time on building her own film production company. You can find her films on her YouTube channel, Crowned Fox Productions. 

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