Before I Met You/ poem by Sage Higgins

I woke up to the sunrise floating on the lake
It looked like it was on fire

With the morning mist coming off of it. 

I take the stairs down
To absorb the morning light
I have been missing
The smell of rain still fresh from the night before. 

I needed a break.
It was something deep within me.
The second I stepped out onto the deck 

I saw the lake

& I felt relieved. 

I needed to be within, submerged. 

It was a brisk morning to swim
but summer was heavy in August.
I dove into the lake 

The cool water reflected on my face & legs 

I lay on my back 

& let the water carry the weight for a while


Sage Higgins has been a writer since her first poem entitled "Hair, Nails, and Math" won 1st place at the Coffee House Bistro in sixth grade. She graduated with a degree in Organizational Communication with a minor in Creative Writing from SUNY New Paltz. Sage is a poet and prose writer with a focus on memoir and also writes comedic short form. Currently, she is the operations and admin director at a Woodstock Film Festival in Woodstock, NY. 

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