A word from Lightwood publisher Laurence Carr

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the spring issue of Lightwood Magazine. In this time of social distancing and personal confinement, we at Lightwood want to connect with you and share our wide array of articles, literature, and artwork. I hope that it’s a site you’ll visit often. More will be coming to you over the next weeks and in our quarterly issues. We would like to hear from you. You can respond at the end of each article and also contact us to pitch ideas for new works. And, of course, your donations of any amount help to keep Lightwood Magazine going. We, at Lightwood wish you well. Stay safe, and we will get through this tough time together.  And give yourself the mental space you need to become the very best of you. Happy, reading, writing, and viewing! 

Laurence Carr, publisher, Lightwood Press.

Table of Contents:

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