Suzanne Sigafoos/ 2 poems: Borealis and Darkness and Salt


Scraps of midnight 

hide beneath each paw and shoe,

flat in the press of noon.

What length of darkness,

what spectrum waits, concealed 

within a blank white page?



Our tablecloth is stained with wine; spills from laughter, 

spills from sorrow. What was meant for the glass is held in the weave.


I write and pages darken. Listen: the heart works just as hard at night, 

steadfast in the presence of love, steadfast in its absence.


Above us, stars leap like dolphins, burst into chrysanthemums.

Stars pierce the sky, sharp and bright as salt.


Suzanne Sigafoos’s chapbook of poems, Held in the Weave, was published by Finishing Line Press. Her work has appeared in The Oregonian; Windfall, a Journal of Poetry of Place; VoiceCatcher Journal; and Poeming Pigeon’s Garden Issue, among others. Her lyric essay, Green, published in Bellingham Review’s online Issue 71, received a Pushcart nomination. Her new, full length collection of poems will be published by I-BeaM Books this summer. The title will be announced soon. An Ohio native, Suzanne lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

The two poems here in Lightwood appear in her book, held in the weave published by Finishing Line Press, 2011; ISBN: 1-59924-787-9


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