Ken Holland/ The Meaning of Which Is…

A woman turns off the kitchen light.

            What she means is: I can smell the coming rain

            Sliding in on a muscle of wind.

The wind is insistent and argumentative.

            What it means is: existence is no more

            Than a change in barometric pressure.

Barometric pressure is measured by mercury.

            What it means is: the soft tissue of our skin

            Is a palimpsest of memory and storm.

Storms enfold both darkness and grace.

            What they mean is: the Earth is a supplicant

            To everlasting mortality.

A woman reaches her hand across an empty bed.

            What she means is: darkness is physical

            And must be touched.


Ken Holland, poet and Pushcart Nominee is the winner of the 2019 Stephen DiBiase Poetry Competition.

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