Mike Jurkovic/ because maybe


Live long enough and the plot becomes apparent. 
This is the only way it could turn out: 
The fire roasted eggplant flat bread is running late.
The edible hasn’t kicked in in time for the movie. 
The wine lacks a certain weight and the folks at the 
next table are ready to strangle each other.
Live long enough and life costs you an axle. 
Love hits the wall more often than not 
and the rubbernecking results in muscle sprain and 
hyphenated discs. The downward arc of history crashes 
on your lawn. Corporate names become your own. 
Surly asides become convention.
Live long enough and people implore you to pray for them. 
Pray they be rid their cancer and conceit. And you do because 
maybe they know something you don’t: That short of the 
nuclear option what else is there? Strafe downtown?
Torch town hall? Increase the valium and xanax?
Live long enough and the choice becomes 
abuse or entertainment. Your dynamic points of interest dull. 
The sand becomes listless. Tariff and sanction scintillate. 
You come to terms.
Live long enough and you tire of doing. This. That. 
Every little fuckin’ thing.
But maybe that’s how this shit-storm passes: 
In service to someone in need. 
To someone mistaken as foreign. 
To someone you saw as stranger.
A careening penitent inclined to believe.  
Mike Jurkovic

President, Calling All Poets, New Paltz, Beacon, NY. Titles include Blue Fan Whirring, (Nirala Press, 2018); smitten by harpies & shiny banjo catfish (Lion Autumn Press, 2016) Music features and CD reviews appear in All About Jazz, Van Wyck Gazette, and Maverick Chronicles. Tuesday night host of Jazz Sanctuary, WOOC 105.3 FM, Troy, NY.

He loves Emily most of all.




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