Welcome to the Fall Issue #11 of Lightwood/ Laurence Carr, publisher

“Don’t Let Fear Put Your Dreams to Sleep.”

Stevie Wonder

Welcome to the Fall 2022 Issue #11 of Lightwood. We’ve had to plod our way through a lot of challenges over the last three months: Environmental, Political, Social and Economic. And now we’re here in the Fall (or Spring) season, and it’s time to renew our relationships with ourselves, with others and with our planet. And to think of kindness as the supreme gift we can give.

Lightwood is here to help you get back onto the path that is your journey, with articles, poems, reviews, and our Artists in Space series. Enjoy your visit to Lightwood and return often to catch up with any or all of our previous ten issues.

Think about contacting us with your comments and ideas. We’re always open to your submissions of articles, poems, short fiction, reviews, and artwork. And, of course, any donations (scroll to the donate tab) are always appreciated.

Thank you and have a joyful, creative next three months.

Laurence Carr, publisher, Lightwoodpress.com

Table of Contents:

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