I Want to Write in Spider Ink/ poetry by Eileen Howard

I want to write
In spider ink.
Weave silken webs
into sylvan fantasy.
All will unfurl
as the web catches 
one idea, then
adheres to the next.
A glistening web 
that weaves beauty
into wisdom.

I want to post 
sticky webs to stars,
dark hidden worlds,
mysterious spheres.
As I briefly adhere:
Absorb. Absorb.
Turn, turn again
from orb to orb.

I want to write
in black spider ink.
From my bright colored gut
weave deep truths.
Link universes.
Grapple with galaxies,
to guide me back home

Eileen Howard enjoyed a California-Oklahoma childhood camping with family, hopping freight trains, reading & playing the flute. Educated at Scripps College and the great out of doors, she later ended up in psychiatric nursing after more schooling to become an RN. Along with Hawaii, Switzerland, two children, much writing, and even more photographs, she is an active member of The Hudson Valley Women’s Writing Group. Her works appear in Apple in Her Hand; Rethinking the Ground Rules; The Grain; In a Woman’s Voice, and Global Poemic.

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