Artists in Space/ Pondside Press/A Studio Visit

Pondside Press is collaborative workshop for artists desiring to produce hand printed lithographs, monotypes and works of art on paper. Tamarind Master Printer Melissa Katzman Braggins and Printer, Ted Braggins operate the studio in the Hudson River valley region of New York. Founded in 1985, the printers have produced original graphic art for over 30 years.

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Ted Braggins

“My work centers on using the landscape as source material for expression on many different levels. In terms of structure the breaking of the traditional picture plane into spaces that can function as pure form while working spatially is integral. I like to be able to take apart space and then re-create it in an altered form using line, color and texture. The landscape images that I have been working with are used as metaphors for emotional qualities and are expressions of deep, personal meaning.

Melissa Katzman Braggins

“Through my artwork I try to capture a fleeting moment of time. I am struck by a variety of images that compel me to create. Nature plays an important role in what I want to portray as well as the intricate emotions and relationship between people.


Here and above, the artists’ workshop.

Artists Ted Braggins and Melissa Katzman Braggins were kind enough to open their studio to Lightwood, where we spent time discussing their process and viewing works in a variety of mediums. Visit online and in person if you can. and


by Laurence Carr, publisher for Lightwood magazine.

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