Photography/ Adam Iannazzone

NYC Statue of Liberty
Kalapana, Hawaii on fresh lava floe
Woodstock, NY
“Capture”/ The Donofrio Dance Company

When I was in college, I did a study abroad program in Japan. My dad gave me his old DSLR to take along with me, and I fell in love with it. While those photos weren’t anything to brag about, I decided to buy my own camera when I returned. Since then, I’ve pursued photography with friends and charities, and notably with the Donofrio Dance Company and Muddy Paws Rescue. I currently teach the Digital Photography course at Highland High School.

My main focus is landscape and cityscape photography. More than anything else, I enjoy the planning and quiet that come with early-morning or twilight photos – checking sunset times, moon phases, and where all the elements will align geographically with one another. I get to be alone with my thoughts, waiting for just the right lighting or moment; it’s almost meditative. When editing, I always try to capture the mood of the setting, drawing upon my memory of when I took the photo.

You can contact Adam Iannazzone at:

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