Welcome to Lightwood Spring Issue #9

Welcome to Spring 2022 Issue #9 of Lightwood magazine. It continues to be a difficult year on multiple fronts for all of us, and we at Lightwoodpress.com want to send you some positive reinforcement. This issue of Lightwood brings you exciting fiction, poetry, book and music reviews and essays to help you move into Spring and beyond.

We want our focus to remain on the restorative properties of the arts. And no matter how toxic the viruses of disease, violence and ignorance are that strike at us, we can be comforted that our world-wide arts community will bring the seeds of healing. We must not let April be the “cruelest month” but one of hope and rejuvenation. Enjoy the offerings of these writers and artists, and please look over the earlier Lightwood issues for pieces that you have missed. And contact us with comments, ideas and future submission thoughts.

Stay well and keep your forward motion. 

L. Carr, Publisher

Table of Contents:

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