The Time Between Dawn and Daylight/ poem by Sara Vinciguerra

A strange hour for awakening
in the dark morning that keeps the day coming 
and the coffee leaking from the pot in the kitchen.
All this surrounds my meditation—
A dark roast on a dark morning from a dark, 
dark, dark night

And in darkness, a chance for conscious quiet
in the sounds surrounding the space
of my cluttered attic on a dark morning. 

Day breaks through the song of hours
birds landing and launching from the roof above me,
visiting and then leaving for another life.
The cat chirps at the window, conscious of their song. 

All the space in the attic
was cluttered, but now it’s not.
Some chorus of quietness sounds within me
the body itself, a sacred space. 


Sara Vinciguerra is a Hudson Valley educator and writer. Her primary interests are in folklore/fairy tales, meditation, reiki and the healing arts. She lives with her cat, Angelo. 
She is a previous contributor to Lightwood.

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