you know what the wind means/ poem by Elena Botts

you know what the wind means, 
when you dream of wind
you have ships to sail i guess, we will encounter one another comfortless
in your bed but not at ease, you investigating the wrappings of the wound 
leaves from the trees
you made, something missing like these,
the happy pockets of light in the sky, something to keep me alive.
we all die a few times this winter, i’m sorry i shared with you, the letter
i dream of some resuscitation, but i know in the end i take no lover
simply i reach the wide lake
in the years that gather like snow i will run out of language
and though my testimony may be immense it will run as the melt
that in this, not all live to see: for me, the cold is made 
of one long vivid dream.

Elena Botts has lived many places in the northeast and abroad. Her poems have been published in over a hundred literary magazines. She is the winner of four poetry contests and has had numerous books published. Elena’s visual artwork has also won numerous awards and has been exhibited in various galleries. She has collaborated on, released and installed sound and moving image artwork, as well as multimedia and conceptual art and formed a multimedia collective for this purpose, while pursuing graduate school, human rights, and arts projects. Contact at: 

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