Welcome to the Fall 2021 Issue #7 of Lightwood

Welcome to the Fall 2021 of Lightwood Magazine brought to you by Lightwodpress.com. We at Lightwood thank you for the support you’ve give us and our writers, poets, and artists over the last year and a half. This issue features an inside look at artists’ studios, music, and book reviews along with poetry and fiction. And please take a look at the Summer 2021 issue in case you missed it and other issues. All the published pieces remain on Lightwood. Tap the links to specific genres or search for articles, writers or artists in the search box.

We’re committed to offer you the best of “life and the arts in the 21st century” and we hope you’ll continue to join us. Please spread the word, feel free to comment, and support us through viewing and contributing if you can. And always, support your local writers, poets, artists, musicians, and crafts people. We all need each other. 

Table of Contents:

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