dark matter/ poem by David Appelbaum

dark matter
somehow stole time

(old story, see Homer)

a few billion seconds

then made believe
nothing happened

takes a thief
to catch . . .

remember how you stole

agile and sexy

to be alone with ________

babies are born
spirited away

eras lost
Aion disbanded

your autobiography
cut, rejected
for lack of middle chapters


we all seem younger 
than we are

wrinkles botoxed

I want to hear
who pocketed the theft

and what it’s worth

David Appelbaum is a writer who has worked in the university and in publishing, creating Codhill Press. An author of numerous books, articles and poetry, his most recent books include notes on water: an aqueous phenomenology [Monkfish, 2018] and Portuguese Sailor Boy [Black Spring, 2020].

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