Welcome to Lightwood Spring 2023 Issue #13

Welcome to Lightwood and to the Spring (or Fall depending where you are) issue #13: your leap into a new season of creativity. This issue is filled with poetry to celebrate April’s Poetry Month; book and music reviews and writings from new and returning Lightwood writers.

Recently I was listening from one of many media sources and found something that stayed with me. Writers, poets and visual artists create landscapes, seascapes, urbanscapes and a host of other scapes. The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins brought up the term “inscape”, when we explore the inner constructions from a being that reaches for life. Perhaps this is the “scape” that constantly drives us forward and that we want to share with others.

Lightwood is here publishing the inscapes from a variety of word and visual artists. Enjoy them in this and in our back issues.  And help us build our Lightwoodpress.com community by spreading the word and encouraging others to submit works in a diversity of themes and subjects. And, of course, stay well and be kind. The world depends on you.

L. Carr, publisher

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