The Golden Record (SETI) / poem by Ann Lauinger

Voyager 1 and 2, launched in 1977 into interstellar space, 
each carried a Golden Record containing a variety of music.

After my dream—Bach
& boogie-woogie etched
in gold & ceramic, launched 
into space toward anything
that might be listening—I had
to stop myself from driving
those four cartons crammed 
with her teacups, gold-rimmed 
plates, her fluted crystal straight
to the Bear Mountain lookout,
and hurling it all in the air,
her lifetime’s howls & whispers,
memory purged of words, 
music for alien ears.


Read a review of Ann Lauinger's book, Dime Saint, Nickel Devil along with another poem here on Lightwood. Go to our Search Button.


Ann Lauinger’s newest book of poems, Dime Saint, Nickel Devil, is published by Broadstone Books; her two other books are Against Butterflies (Little Red Tree Publishing, 2013) and Persuasions of Fall (University of Utah Press, 2004), which won the Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry. Poems and translations have appeared in publications including The Cumberland River Review, Georgia Review, Massachusetts Review, Parnassus, Plant-Human Quarterly, The Southern Poetry Review, and Valley Voices, as well as on Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and Martha Stewart Living Radio. She is a member of the Slapering Hol Press Advisory Committee and a professor emerita of literature at Sarah Lawrence College, who lives along the Hudson River in Ossining, NY.

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