Welcome to Lightwood, Fall 2020 Issue #3

Welcome to Lightwood Magazine, life and the arts in the 21st century and to our Fall 2020 issue (#3).

In the few months we’ve published online, we’ve brought thousands of visitors and views from over 30 countries to Lightwood. Please continue to spread the word, think about adding your comments, and please consider a small donation (located at the bottom of posts) so that we can continue to bring you a wide array of writers and artists.

Here’s what you’ll find with more soon to be published. Visit us often.

Our literary reviews include new books by Mary K. Holland, Mike Jurkovic, Molly McGlennen, Jan Zlotnik Schmidt and Matt Spireng and coming soon, Suzanne Sigafoos.

Poetry by Lucia Cherciu, David A. Stuntz, Dennis Doherty, and Sean Monagle

Memoir by Penny Freel and Sue Books

Essay by Susan B. Anthony

Short fiction by Jess Nadelman

an excerpt from Lewis Carroll’s classic regarding book titles.

We’re launching Lightwood Press this fall with the publication of two new books:

On and Off the Beaten Path (travel essays and memoirs) by Carole Bell Ford

and Where to Begin, poems by Gregory Abels

A new feature for this issue is the Lightwood Marketplace where visitors can learn about and purchase books and other works by Lightwood authors and artists.

We also want to welcome Power Boothe to Lightwood, who will serve as our Artistic Consultant and Curator. New artworks from across the world will be featured on our Instagram site.

Please look over this new Lightwood issue as well as “Search” for older posts you may have missed. Keep in touch with your comments and ideas for submissions. And stay safe.

Laurence Carr, publisher

Table of Contents:

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