Summer 2020 Issue #2

We have all traveled a strange and incredible journey over the last months, and we at Lightwood hope that you are now on a safer and steady course. And are continuing to “fight the good fight,” whatever that may be. 

This summer issue includes articles, reviews, literature, poetry and artwork along with older pieces from our Spring 2020 issue #1 so that you can revisit or catch up on pieces that you missed. Our Spring 2020 issue #1 was visited by close to 2000 of people from over 25 countries that continues our goal of creating an international community.

Our Summer 2020 issue offers an interesting array of works by authors and artists:

Poetry by Roshi Gregory Hosho Abels, Celia Bland,Thomas Festa, Catherine Gonick, Mary Holland, Marc Kaminsky and Emily LaSita; articles by Penny Freel and Lydia Nightingale; book reviews by Mark Spitzer on The Joppenbergh Jump by Mark Morganstern; and L. Carr on The Stones of Lifta by Marc Kaminsky; a short poem essay by Walt Whitman plus more to be added along the way.

Please visit often, leave comments, and if you can, donate through PayPal to keep Lightwood Press, Production and Salon going. And have a safe and productive summer. Thanks. Laurence Carr, Publisher

Life is a public performance on the violin, in which you must learn the instrument as you go along.

            Mr. Beebe in A Room with a View by E. M. Forster

Table of Contents:

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