Roshi Gregory Hosho Abels/ 3 Poems

Sad to hear, the wingbeat thud
A bird trapped in the barn
Above me, somewhere, frightened
The sky is not where it should be
Something eerie, the beating, then
Silence, then beating
Then silence, not rest, up high
The sky is not where it always is
Look down my bird,
I have swung open the barn doors
Just dive, see
The sky has come, 
to you
a butterfly
from empty room
to empty room
the sound
of a door
Past flames
Are never still
So say
The ember watchers
Of the world
Roshi Gregory Hosho Abels is a Zen Master at 
Still Mind Zendo in Manhattan.  His works of poetry 
are, Where to BeginGlimpses & Pointings and 
Never Something Else.  He enjoyed a 54 year career 
as an actor, director and Master Teacher of Acting.  
Greg holds a B.S. in Theatre and Religion from SUNY.  
He lives with his wife in Greenwich Village and on a 
sheep farm in the Hudson Valley.

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