Breath and Dreaming/ 2 poems by Maggie Hall


Silent night
calm and bright
Jupiter and Saturn
soon aligned
reading at a table, waiting for the feast, the beast has lost his wooden spoon, hidden a whip where it’s safe by the moon
tired, in rest by heavenly skies
falling asleep before Jupiter’s eyes awake in heavenly peace
as Saturn stands in your place
as double planets melt
into one




I stopped the clock at 12:36
Counting 63 sheep before a broken fence
Cranial nerves wallflowers silk synthetic patterns line
21 butterflies dance through my head
the clock stops at 12:36
21 butterflies dancing
through my head
that look
like a foxtrot 



Maggie Hall is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and writer who lives in the coastal suburb of Merewether, Newcastle, NSW Australia with a degree in Fine Arts, Master of Creative Industries, and other related studies. Her practice enlists the application of pattern and behaviour through each chosen medium. Ms. Hall traditionally works through a stream of consciousness between each form of art and chosen script and her craft covers the visual arts; written; ekphrastic; and symbolic translation. During these times of isolation and metamorphic social change she has been an active member in the global online community of the poetic arts. 

From the artist: “With intuition as my guide, and an awareness of artistic tradition, I attempt to reveal a presence that may give us clues to what is living between the real and unreal. I am not seeking a form of aesthetic contemplation, but a way of guidance, and my art is the documentation of this search.”

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