Welcome to Lightwood/ Winter 2022/ Issue #8

Welcome to Lightwood magazine, Issue #8, Winter 2022. 

During our strange days, we at Lightwood are here to offer you 

some of the best in the arts and literature featuring artwork and 

photography, poetry, fiction and an array of articles and reviews. 

We hope you enjoy the creations of these writers and artists and 

will tell those you know and even those you don’t what Lightwood 

has to offer. Feel free to send us comments about what we 

present. And, of course, any monetary contribution to keep us afloat 

is heartily accepted through PayPal along with any ideas you have

for submissions. Visit us often, Lightwoodpress.com.

And please stay well and safe and remember, you’re needed by more 

people than you realize. 

Table of Contents:

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