Welcome to Lightwood Issue #5 Spring 2021

Welcome to Lightwood magazine, Spring 2021 Issue #5, our one-year anniversary issue. We began Lightwood one year ago as the Covid-19 pandemic was spreading. It was our hope that we could create a quarterly magazine, not to address our fears and anxieties over this world crisis, which still remains a reality, but to create a conversation about our collective creativity and the human spirit which refuses to diminish. Our pages and posts will continue to explore “life and the arts in the 21st century,” and we hope you’ll join us for this, as well as past and future issues.

In our first year, we’ve published over 100 pieces from writers and artists, had over 12,000 views from 54 countries.

In this Spring issue, we feature a wide range of articles, music and book reviews, and poetry to celebrate Women’s History Month and to anticipate April as Poetry Month. We also offer essays, memoirs and more by our group of diverse and dedicated writers.

This Spring Issue #5 is dedicated to the memory of a fine poet, writer and mentor, Pauline Uchmanowicz. She was also a wonderful colleague to those who had the pleasure of working with her. She is missed but remains present. And would have been a staunch supporter of Lightwood, which we discussed when it was just a seed of a thought.

Here are a few lines from her first book, Sand & Traffic, (Codhill Press, 2004)

This is Our World

Scallop shells, hostages in my palms

I look to for guidance

on a softball field near a mesh fence

that my body cannot pass through, though

my shadow passes through its shadow.


Look everywhere,

You will find what you need. 


Laurence Carr is the publisher of Lightwood magazine and Lightwood press. He invites readers to explore this and the previous issues of “life and the arts in the 21st century.”

Table of Contents:

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