Welcome to Lightwood 4

Welcome to Lightwood’s Winter Issue #4 featuring new articles, poetry, fiction, reviews, art and more. It’s our hope that our online voice, Lightwood magazine and Lightwoodpress, will connect with many of you across the world. We began this journey in February 2020 as the covid pandemic was seriously expanding throughout the world. And along with our Facebook page, and our Instagram and Twitter sites, we will continue to bring you a wide range of writing and artwork as we explore Lightwood’s subtitle: “life and the arts in the 21st century.” Over the past few months, we’ve had thousands of visitors and views, and we hope this will continue to grow. 

We welcome any contribution from you through Paypal. But if this isn’t something you can do right now, please consider giving generously to any local food bank in your area. We believe that food insecurity is yet another pandemic that we humans face. And one that that we, as individuals, no matter our politics, ethnicity, or points of view, can solve together. Thanks for being part of Lightwood and enjoy the works that your fellow writers and artists have contributed for you.

Laurence Carr, Lightwood Publisher

“See how good and pleasing it is to dwell together in unity. It is like a precious ointment upon the head, and as the dew descended upon the mountains.”— from a spiritual text

Table of Contents:

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