Robert H. Waugh/ The Full Moon Illustrates

The full moon illustrates gods

or statues, selfhood perfected:

avenues, backdrops give down to

the powerful lapse of the shore—

spadework: stones, figs, goldenrods,

precessions of zodiacs fed

out of reality ripen new

tinfoil divinity clangor

assuming the nimble creation,

marble and petal and castle

of sand and the fall-away tide,

thunderbolts of implausible

properties; skies of the world slide

to a crisis of the prodigious sun.


Robert H. Waugh is the author of The Monster in the Mirror:  
Looking for H. P. Lovecraft (2006), A Monster of Voices: 
Speaking for H. P.  Lovecraft (2011), and essays on 
J. R. R. Tolkien and other writers of fantasy and science 
fiction.   His poetry has been published in numerous 
magazines and journals and books, including Codhill
Press's Thumbtacks, Glass, Pennies.   He is a professor 
emeritus of English at the State University of New York                             at New Paltz.

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