Chase Atlantic | BEAUTY IN DEATH | music review by Amber Mason

Release Date: Mar 5, 2021 | Fearless Records

It’s not often that an artist comes along that can be best described as ‘indescribable’.

However, such is the case when it comes to Chase Atlantic. With a decade of experience and seven notable releases (3 albums, 4 EPs) in the last four years alone, this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. This trio—Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave, and Christian Anthony—has hauled ass and it has absolutely paid off in the form of the most curious, genre-defying sound I have ever heard.

Working through their recent material, it’s clear that Chase Atlantic has been working non-stop in order to pinpoint the exact mix of cinematic, dark-yet-daydreamy pop and hard-hitting alternative rock/R&B that they were looking for. Influences from limitless directions are expertly spliced together in such a way that it is undeniable that Chase Atlantic is creating something completely their own—but in the best possible way.

I would recommend Chase Atlantic for anyone who has ever wanted something more out of their local pop radio stations, boybands and/or “alt” music in general, which can sometimes feel hollow and flat in one capacity or another; in contrast, Chase Atlantic’s sound is anything but hollow. They layer in instruments like saxophone, flute, and clarinet to complement their typical drums-and-guitar, rap-hook, or electronic approach. Content-wise, All Music Guide put it best—Chase Atlantic “…straddles the emotional chasm between thoughtful introspection and #nof*cksgiven debauchery”.

This is the music for anyone looking to have a good time but isn’t afraid to get vulnerable, who is willing to confront the dark parts of life and party on anyway, because Chase Atlantic is here to get in your face, to get real, and to have a great time while doing it.

And I am here for it.

The band’s discography is so eclectic and varied that I firmly believe that there is a Chase Atlantic song for any kind of listener—you might just have to click through a bit in order to find it because there is simply so much of it.

Speaking on their music, Mitchel Cave explained, “We want people to walk away feeling inspired emotionally, creatively, and physically. We want you to connect with us more, and we want to connect with you more.”   Well, connection made, mate.

Personally, after such an eventful year last year, I welcome Chase Atlantic with open arms.

BEAUTY IN DEATH is the perfect, complex, fun-yet-vulgar-yet-vulnerable-yet-sensitive album to bring along on all of our [Covid-compliant] road trips this year.

Let’s dive in.  

Of this album, Mitchel Cave said, “We’ve never felt more confident in a body of music or less scared to release something in our whole lives… the last few years really hardened us up and made us believe in ourselves.”

I’m certainly happy to hear it—because that confidence is well-earned.

BEAUTY IN DEATH’s blend of intrinsic lyricism and unique, club-ready beats is clearly reflected in the charts— within its first week, the album ranked #2 for Alternative New Artist, #4 for Top New Artist, and hit #17 for both Current Alternative and Current Pop. It amassed over 4.3 million streams globally as well. 

But, as I said before, anyone who has ever heard a Chase Atlantic song knows one thing: “alternative” and “pop” don’t even begin cut it. The band’s official description of being “the missing link between anesthetized woozy trap, nocturnal R&B, and psychedelically-spun alternative” is almost close enough, but not quite—

In the curious case of Chase Atlantic, listening truly is believing.

My feelings about Chase Atlantic and BEAUTY IN DEATH are about as complex as their sound—in short, it’s only gotten better with time. This album in particular deserves multiple relistens on different devices/speakers/etc. because I promise you, each time will be a new experience where something new will pop out at you and I think that’s exactly what the band was going for.  There are literal motifs throughout the album; there are references and call-backs… it’s a thoughtful and carefully-crafted work of art for sure, both in terms of sound and content.

By the time I was through with my first listen-through, boy, was I hooked, albeit a little conflicted about it—some tracks felt gratuitous with their vulgarity and formulaic in structure—but overall, it was time well spent, like being lost in a daydream for maybe just a little too long. Somewhere between the raw, honest tracks like “PARANOID” and “EMPTY” (which come right for the jugular, emotionally speaking), and the raunchiness of tracks like “PLEASE STAND BY” and “OUT THE ROOF” (which can make one nostalgic for nights spent out wasting time with college friends with their catchy hooks and unique, danceable beats–), I lost myself, but I found myself a little bit, too.

I literally did not realize I listened to the whole album until “PARANOID” came for me relentlessly once again.

I recommend you check it out—if this is where the future of pop, or alt, or whatever genre comes closest to describing Chase Atlantic’s sound, I have never felt so excited—relieved—happy—or something otherwise indescribable—about the future of music.  


Keep in touch—

Chase Atlantic can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube; their website can be found here.

While many restrictions on live music are still in place due to covid-19 concerns, never fear—Chase Atlantic has got you covered. As part of the Wiltern Livestream Series, Chase Atlantic will be playing a live show on July 9th, 2021. Get your tickets here. Tickets will be available straight through the day of the show, though preorders do get a discount!


Amber Mason is a writer and reviewer. She lives in the Hudson Valley and is a founding editor of Lightwood magazine. 

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